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20 October
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I guess I should start off with some disclaimers, ie:

1. I am a big believer in better living through chemicals. If you don't like drugs, you probably won't like me.

2. I'm a socialist pacifist. If you believe a goddamn thing our government says, you won't enjoy my journal. If you think it's right to make war, you won't enjoy my journal. If you actually believe that we belong in the middle east, you won't enjoy my journal.

3. I'm an intellectual. If you are going to let uninformed prejudices guide your opinions of people, then you won't like me.

4. I don't believe that sexuality is anything to be ashamed of. If you do, you'll hate my journal.

5. I am an idealist. Cynics need not apply. If you depress me continually, I will hunt you down and take out my pent-up frustrations on you.

6. I am not racist, sexist, homophobic, or prejudiced in any other way. If I don't like you, it's because I think you suck.

7. I don't believe in organized religion. Broach the subject and I shall smite thee with a rod of three cubits' length.

8. I'm a mellow, easygoing person with a bizarre sense of humor, a small collection of NatePorn, and a big heart. Be nice and genuine and open and honest with me, and I won't have to sic endymion_stcyr on you.

Peace out, brethren and sistren (cistern?).

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Nathan is a very sick boy who should be at home with a lovely young lady sitting on his lap and spoonfeeding him cappucino.
Strengths: Photographic memory, encyclopaedic mind, Dionysian soul, occasional humorous fits.
Weaknesses: Horrible with money, has intimidating penis (see NatePorn), smokes, has horrible luck finding acid.
Special Skills: Multi-orgasmic, a paragon of sesquipedalian loquacity, can out-argue fundamentalist Christians, can part his hair with his tongue.
Weapons: 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kama Sutra, will bust a beercap in yo bitch ass.
Goals: I plan on starting my own country under the doctrines of the Sun Lotus Society. The Sun Lotus Society is based on the principles of anarchic collectivist-socialism.

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